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Fill-Rite FR4210G Fuel Transfer Pump, Telescoping Suction Pipe, 12′ Delivery Hose, Manual Release Nozzle – 12 Volt, 20 GPM

$621.00 $382.36 (as of June 23, 2022, 6:11 am)

1/4 hp, 12VDC, 13 amp DC motor
20 gpm flow capacity at 2,600 rpm with 37′ maximum lift
Cast iron housing with buna-n mechanical seal and O-ring for durability

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Product Description

Built-in check valve, bypass valve and thermal expansion valve. 1 diameter X 12 hose. Explosion-proof permanent magnet motor. 30-minute duty cycle/not for continuous operation. Ball bearing construction, no lubrication required. 2 threaded base for tank openings. Pump may be padlocked.
1/4 hp, 12VDC, 13 amp DC motor
20 gpm flow capacity at 2,600 rpm with 37′ maximum lift
Cast iron housing with buna-n mechanical seal and O-ring for durability
Suitable for transfer of gasoline, diesel, B20, E-15, kerosene, and mineral spirits
UL and CUL listed and displays the CE marking


The Usher is then mounted into a mobile wheeled framework assembly for simple move through, up and over the small spaces of a contemporary brewery. The system functions nicely on modest numbers of oil but I haven't examined on big quantities yet. The reversible total flow bypass allows total circulation of the fluid in the pump chamber in bypass mode. Utility Transfer Pump New in box, Pentair's Master Plumber model 539997 Mini Vac 115 V Transport Pump Kit. Be prepared in a minute--- detect to fuel your tractor, backhoe, boat, generator, or almost any other vehicle or equipment. All these are great, general purpose, portable pumps for circulating and transport of water, sea water, juices, gas oil (red diesel"), biofuel, transformer oil and light chemicals. Hereis the matter... I purchased this to replace a Little Giant pump of essentially the exact same layout(I understand this now). Join Pump Products Special Offerings and Tricks and get $5.00 off your first order of $100 or more. The ball valve at the very top of the pump together with the square nut is where you prime the pump. We use pony pumps to service or repair heating systems and plumbing systems and also to empty water tanks; some mobile pumps can be utilized to transfer other fluids from or between storage tanks or other reservoirs. The Wayne PC4 is an low priced, compact and robust mobile pump that works best when linked to an inlet or exit hose which is of an acceptable diameter. Pump Products will not match prices on clearance items, closeouts, liquidation sales or pricing errors. I take advantage of it to transfer water between rain barrels for irrigation which is a workhorse!

This pump contains two garden hose adapters for simple connection to your regular garden hose, as well as a reinforced suction hose to avoid falling under suction pressure also to conduct water from source to pump. A few other users which have important expertise using these transport pumps say that in the event that you're definitely going to be transferring the hoses around a whole lot during surgery, it's wise to mount the transport pump on a strong basis to supply it with equilibrium-you do not need it flopping about if you inadvertently jar the hoses. There's a 2 year guarantee on the pump as well as a 3 year guarantee on the Subaru engine.

Purchase Or Sell Tools In Ontario WATER MASTER pump products is an Australian brand specialising in tough pumps for tough Australian conditions. Its users like it is really affordable, but additionally notice the produce came with quite thin directions, and might not be overly user friendly for first-time users of pumps. The Usher pump casing is made from sanitary 316 Stainless steel polished to your sanitary finish for easy cleaning after use. Dixon Blade Master pumps have reversible total flow bypasses, which activate at 25, 50, 75, or 100 PSI dependant on the application. Yard Pumps are utilized when a lake, pond, or municipal water is pumped for irrigation. The suction hose must be an industrial grade garden hose or better yet, PVC tube, because an average garden hose will collapse on itself while the pump is pumping. This motor pump is a sound choice should you be buying mobile transport water pump that's also advantageous to creating pressurized water. This mobile machine is an excellent alternative should you be buying modest yet heavy duty transport water pump. The Wayne 1/2 HP 115-volt transport water pump can pump water out of flooded basements, tanks, or boats.

Really, these transport water pumps possess various uses- whether you happen to be striving to dry out a flooded basement or boat, as well as helping irrigate lawns and gardens, all these are useful tools to maintain in your garage. Electricity Transport Products supplies carbon bed filtration and replacement filtration systems that minimize total care and operator supervision. In the event you turn up a qualifying lower cost online, call 1 800 429 0800 and direct a customer support representative to the web site with all the lesser cost, or when seeing a Pump Products shop, among our workers will work with you. Wayne PLS100 1 HP 720 GPH Portable Lawn Sprinkling Pump , Stainless, (Under $140. The unit also includes a hose filter to keep debris from going into the pump and also some additional replacement brushes (6mm x 10.5mm x 21mm).

We provide a lot of the more important brands like FMT fuel pumps, which are assembled to withstand the most vigorous of use. Quite surprised to discover this powerful motor was sending water out of a 100' foot hose using a sprayer accessory as although the water was flowing from a faucet spigot. The DC diesel oilpump can immediately offer diesel oil to the paving machine, tractor or alternative machines for building. The 115 V, 0.5 HP, 1450 GPH WAYNE PC4 Cast Iron Multi Purpose Pump is a solidly built choice that's made from durable cast iron steel.

I'd tell anyone that should pump out water and will not need a huge pump or otherwise a more sophisticated means to transfer water from point A to Point B. This pump features a 20-GPM flow rate that safely and readily transfers liquids to and from places, and its particular heavy duty cast iron construction ensures durability. One user says it actually is fairly efficient, enabling him to transfer water from his 35 gallon tank to his travel trailer water tank in about 6-7 minutes. The newest pump is incredibly small and light, but readily empties the tote within just one hour.

Electricity Transport Products additionally supplies a number of mobile filtration and flushing systems that efficiently filter hydraulic fluids, remove particulates and high-viscosity contaminants, and transfer and refill fluids in addition to efficiently flushing the fluids. Empty water in aquariums, ponds, waterbeds and window wells and raise your water pressure up to 40-PSI with this specific Utilitech 0.5-HP transport pump.

I read several reviews before buying this pump and I will be happy I got it. I got it to empty the hot water heater at my cottage so that you can shut my cottage down for winter. All pumps feature a rollover framework supplied as a standard for additional protection and simpler transport for when you have to go water quickly and safely. The 115 V, 0.1 HP, 330 GPH HydraPump Mobile Transport Water Pump is an powerful alternative that weighs just 5.9 lbs. I added a normal house switch to the pump so that you do not have to leave the pump at all to unplug the unit. I keep the original plug in the shut off valve merely to keep any foreign objects from the pump.

At times youare going to need to accommodate them to your own function- and oftentimes they do not always run totally out of the carton, but most users, especially those who bought transport pumps from Wayne Anderson, were usually satisfied with the performance that they got out of them. Another buyer describes using this pump to transfer water from his flooded cellar up to road level, about 85 feet away. Within my experiments with alternate fuels, I've really tried diaphragm pumps, trash pumps, and belt driven straight gear pumps.

The pump consists of permanent building, is safe to utilize around water given its on/off switch (our old pumps were turned off and on in the factory outlet just), is an easy task to take together with the top handle, and is really silent, seems just like a subdued shop vac and is more silent than the usual hairdryer. I did purchase individually, a short hose for connecting in the Rain Barrel to the pump on a single end along with a 100' foot hose to attach to another end using a sprayer attachment. This pump produces up to 40-Pound of pressure, has a maximum discharge head of 105-Feet , along with a maximum vertical suction lift of 15-Feet. This Diesel Transfer Pump includes a minimum working temperature of 0F or maximum working temperature of 100F.

Our water pump howto library can assist you to decide the best dewatering pump, submersible pump, trash pump or water pump accessory. Pump Products will also happily match cost on any items sold by (but not by a third party on ). For additional clarification, market sellers on sites not their own aren't considered direct competitors. One user says it actually is fairly efficient, enabling him to transfer water from his 35 gallon tank to his travel trailer water tank in about 6-7 minutes. The Raw Power Monster Gear Pump is a self-priming mobile close-coupled rotary gear pump made to transfer Heavy Oils Quickly! U.S.) but pumps at up to 150 gph (about 2.5 gpm) - 2 and one half gallons per minute (which is good for small jobs). Baldor custom made us a robust1700RPM motor for transferring motor oil, gear oil etc. And for emergency sump pump use such as emptying out a flooded cellar or for using a nearby pond to water lawns and yards, you will require a greater capacity self-powered electrical transport pump. When matching a rival, Pump Products will follow any limits and exceptions determined by the competition. It's quickly, simple to transfer along with the electric motor is indeed superior to starting an engine in many areas I gather oil. One buyer said that once you have it assembled and pumping water, he discovered that in general it was equal to or in excess of a water pump speed of an average kitchen faucet.

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FIL-FR4210G, F72FR4210G


Transfer Pumps




0089404223161, 0089404186923


1100, hundredths-inches, 1800, hundredths-inches, 3800, hundredths-pounds, 1800, hundredths-inches




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1100, hundredths-inches, 1800, hundredths-inches, 640, hundredths-pounds, 1800, hundredths-inches
















089404186923, 089404223161




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