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Fastcap 3HANDCPACK 3rd Hand Contractor Poles, 4-Pack

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The 3rd Hand HD is the help you have been looking for
If you ever wished you had an extra hand
Its easy to use and easy to install

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Product Description

The 3Rd Hand Hd Is The Help You Have Been Looking For. If You Ever Wished You Had An Extra Hand.Here It Is. The 3Rd Hand Hd And Little Hand Hd Provide Support, Brace, Or Clamp For Whenever You Might Need An Extra Hand. Great For: The 3Rd Hand Extends To 12 Feet In Length And The Little Hand To 22″, Both With A 70 Lb Capacity. The Universal Foot Enables You To Free-Stand Your 3Rd Or Little Hand, And It Can Be Used As A “Top Foot” For Increased Platform Surface Area. Increase The Functionality Of Your 3Rd Hand Hd And The Little Hand Hd By Using This Innovative Accessory. T20033 Contractor Pack Includes 4 3Rd Hands (T20029), 4 Universal Feet (T20030) And A Durable Carrying Bag., Trim And Crown Moulding: Use The 3Rd Hand Hd To Secure Your Trim Or Crown Moulding In Place While You Nail It In Place In Another Location , Drywall: Hold The Drywall In Place Overhead While You Secure It , Load Stabilizer: Mount The 3Rd Hand Hd In Place Horizontally To Prevent Material From Shifting In Transport.
If you’ve ever wished for a helping hand on one of your home improvement projects, the FastCap 3rd Hand Contractor Pack is your dream come true. Featuring heavy-duty telescopic poles, this contractor pack includes dust-barrier feet, universal feet, articulating feet, and a carrying bag. All the help you’ve been looking for, the 3rd Hand Contractor Pack will help you brace, clamp, and support, so you can independently set up dust barriers, install crown molding, stabilize loads in your truck, secure flooring, put up shelves, and much, much more.

The FastCap 3rd Hand Contractor Pack: Never Shows Up Late for Work
The 3rd Hand HD is the help you have been looking for. It is rugged, built to last a lifetime, and it’s never late for work! If you’ve ever wishedyou had an extra hand, here it is. The 3rd Hand HD can brace, clamp, or provide support wherever and whenever you might need it.

The Contractor Pack Applications:

  • Hanging cabinets
  • Trim molding
  • Crown molding
  • Dust barriers
  • Drywall
  • Load stabilizer
  • Light fixtures
  • Laser mounting
  • …and much more!

Perfect for hanging light fixtures and stabilizing loads.

The Contractor Pack Package Deal: Fit Everything You Need in One Bag!
To keep all of these handy tools organized, the 3rd Hand Contractor Pack comes with a ballistic nylon carrying bag. The bag carries all four 3rd Hand HD poles and all the accessories: four Mag Dust Barrier feet, four UniversalFOOT Feet (6×6 inch), eight Articulating Feet (3×3-inch).

A ballistic nylon bag organizes and protects the pack’s tools.
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Four Telescoping Poles Give You a Hand Wherever You Need It
If you’re a contractor or do-it-yourselfer who needs reliable support, 3rd Hand HD poles are the perfect assistant–and they’re never late for work! With a rugged 150-pound load capacity, the heavy-gauge steel poles are as useful as an extra set of hands, and with a neoprene grip, they are incredibly comfortable to use.

Designed for optimum versatility, 3rd Hand HD Poles telescope from 4.75 to 12.0 feet in length. This ample range means you can keep your poles on hand from job to job, whether you’re working on high ceilings or in tight spaces.

A dual adjustment system gives you two options for quickly choosing your length: use the tightening knob for smaller adjustments or lock in your desired height with the ball detents, which are spaced 12 inches apart along each pole.

Once a pole is in position, simply use the easy-pump handle to get maximum stability for clamping, bracing, and support. Use one or two poles for light-duty projects–such as hanging shelves–or all four poles for larger jobs–such as stabilizing ceilings (four Hand HD poles are included in the Contractor Pack).

When the job is complete, the poles’ quick-release levers make disassembly a snap.

Handy Accessories Provide Versatility on the Job
When you’re bracing a workpiece, such as a wooden cabinet, you want to be sure it’s going to remain stable. That’s why each FastCap 3rd Hand HD Poles is equipped with a 360-degree fully articulating head and food (eight included in kit). These 3×3-inch textured pads will solidly grip surfaces at virtually any angle, and they can be micro adjusted for the right fit.

When you want a larger grip area at the base of your poles, swap in the 6×6-inch 3rd Hand Universal Feet (four included), which are ideal for just about any job. Or if you’re planning to seal off your work area to minimize dust transfer, attach the magnetic Mag Dust Barrier feet (four included) for a 100% seal and 0% dust.

To keep all of these handy feet organized, the 3rd Hand Contractor Pack comes with a ballistic nylon carrying bag. The bag carries all four 3rd Hand HD poles and all the accessories.

What’s in the Box
Four 3rd Hand HD poles, four Mag Dust Barrier feet, four Universal Feet (6×6 inch), eight Articulating Feet (3×3-inch), and ballistic nylon carrying bag.

Create dust barriers, brace crown molding, and support drywall, all with one handy tool–it even supports cabinetry!

The 3rd Hand HD is the help you have been looking for
If you ever wished you had an extra hand
Its easy to use and easy to install
Four adjustable floor-to-ceiling poles for bracing, clamping, and support; quick-release levers
Adjusts from 5 feet to 12 feet, supports 150 pounds; articulating top pad; ergonomic pump handle
Study heavy-gauge steel and heavy-duty ABS plastic construction
Includes (4) 3rd Hands, (8) articulating feet, (4) magnetic dust barrier feet, (4) universal feet, and (1) ballistic nylon bag
12-foot extended; 36-pounds; lifetime warranty


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