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Century Electric Up-Rated Round Flange Replacement Motor (Formerly A.O. Smith)

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High-quality, super efficient replacement motor
Corrosion-resistant outer shell
Round flange design


Product Description

High-quality, super efficient replacement motor
Corrosion-resistant outer shell
Round flange design
Easy wiring access


You'll need to examine the entire physical motor instead of only the name plate to find out which kind of mounting style is needed. To ensure this is done correctly, you must be certain the absolute hp (hp x service variable) of the newest motor is greater than or equivalent to the total horsepower of the first motor. What do I should understand about my motor and where could I locate it? Every motor has a decal or nameplate affixed to its surface providing you with significant specifications, including: voltage, (1) hp, Hertz evaluation and (2) service variable. A.O. Smith 2 H.P Round Flange Up Speed Replacement Motor Voltage 115/230, Max Amps 115V = 19.4 230V = 9.7, Single Speed, Round Flange, RPM = 3450, Threaded Shaft, Frame = 56J Used on the following versions: Hayward Max Flow, Hayward Super Pump, Hayward Super II, Hayward Northstar and Jacuzzi Magnum pumps. A replacement motor doesn't normally have a switch, so in case your pool pump isn't equipped with one, you'll have to retrofit your pump using a switch assembly, including the A.. Smith End Cover Switch Assembly You can also wire your double speed pump to an outside control or two-speed timer, like the Intermatic 2-Speed Time Clock You could relieve the demand for retrofitting by replacing your whole pool pump with a double speed pump or variable speed pump. A. Smith has bought Century, Centurion and the Magnetek electric motor section. In the motor business, Lafert North America is famous for high quality metric motors as well as our power to make custom motors having a quick turn around time. To get a comprehensive listing of essential points to purchasing a Flameproof Motor , find/download our Lafert Merchandise Catalog 2016-2017 :page 32. The A.. Smith motor is an exact replacement for the first motor except for the colour. Listed here is a Video On The Best Way to Replace a Pool Pump Motor that ought to provide you with advisable of what's mixed up in replacement (it's quite simple). Hi Dave, the right replacement for your own pump will be contingent on how big its own intake.

Shopping On-Line Pool Accessories 2015 Purchase Affordable Hayward SPX3210Z2MER 1-1/2-Hp 2 Speed Standard Efficient Max Rate Motor Replacement for Hayward Tristar... order now. In case you are uncertain of the pump maker and version, you could e-mail us a picture or 2 of the entire pump (part with inlet and outlet conduits connected to the motor) combined with the motor label to find out your precise replacement demands. The SITI MU Gear Reducer is modular in design, with multiple input flange measurements accessible, single and double output shafts, torque arms, and output flanges. It just took me 15 minutes to replace the flange poetry hours if I did it the old fashion way.

Rated Round Flange Replacement Motor (Previously A.O. Smith) Delivery Addresses: See the Delivery Addresses Help page to find out where this thing could be delivered. Both motors share exactly the same motor kind on their various nameplates (ST71S4) and both motors share precisely the same motor specifications (KW, voltage, HZ, etc.). As it is possible to tell from the image, both rotating shafts will vary. The electronic relay senses the voltage drop on the other side of the run capacitor as the motor picks up speed and fixes its switching time mechanically, with respect to the load to change the beginning capacitor from the circuit in the peak of the torque curve. Yes, provided that the inside diameter of the waste line is exactly like the exterior diameter of the closet flange. Nevertheless, there are a few uses where little changes in the motor speed under load can influence system operation. There are lots of mounting options available when purchasing a motor through Lafert North America. Hi John, Yes this is the direct replacement on your Hayward Super IImodel #K48M2N111 (SP 1615 Z 1 MEG). In the event you are not replacing your complete pool pump, it's vital you replace your motor using a motor suitable for the pump. In the event the size of the applied load is equivalent to the nameplate Rated Power of the motor the rotating shaft rate will slow to the motor nameplate Rated Speed. I've a new 56Y Square flange 2 HP motor on my Challenger pump and I wish to learn the best way to hook up the 230 volts to the motor.

The motor is silent and transfers more water than my old Hayward 1 hp. The motor has run 24/7 during the periods of time that we've had tough freezing temperatures without a glitch. Good enough to get by. I found my filter motor was significantly louder this springtime after 7 years of substantial use. Having never done this before it took us about 2 hours to replace the motor but it turned out to be a straightforward procedure. Brake coils can be purchased in multiple voltages in AC and DC.Brakes may be wired together with the motor for simultaneous operation, or individually to work independently of motor.

I am seeking a replacement motor for my pool pump but my version number does not fit what you've recorded as the version number. The most significant consideration to keep in mind when replacing a motor is the replacement motor's horsepower times its service variable has to be equivalent to or greater compared to first motor's horsepower times its service variable. In the event the outside the rotating shaft just isn't lined, it's possible the motor is in fact a keyed framework, not a threaded framework. Pool pump motors are classified as available drip proof, which means they are open motors which is why venting openings are made so that water cannot enter either directly or by hitting and then running to the motor.

In the event you did change from a 1-1/2HP to a 2HP with the superb pump you will have to replace the impeller as well because the motor will be too large for the impeller. This pool pump though having exactly the same id information as my first pool pump (A.. Smith 1- 1/2hp motor) was an Uprated motor as apposed to a Total Rated Motor. You'll need to examine the entire physical motor instead of only the name plate to find out which kind of mounting style is needed.

Our IP56 rated Stainless Steel Motor is shielded from complete dust ingress, and is shielded from low pressure water jets sprayed from any way, or anything else with that same effect. The rotating shaft seal is a 2 component piece manufactured from rubber, metal and ceramic and keeps water from going into the pump motor. Consider an unloaded AC Induction Motor running close to the Synchronous Rate of the motor. The questions above define the bare minimal information needed by the Interior Sales team at Lafert North America to quote a motor as the supply voltage and frequency, the output power and (directly or indirectly) the motor stator post count are defined. In the event the version of your entire pump is in factsp2615x20 afterward this UST1202 motor is the direct replacement.

Shopping On-Line Pool Accessories 2015 Purchase Affordable 1hp Square Flange 56y Brand New Century Design Pool Motor order now. As minimal conditions for electric motor energy efficiency continue to grow, it is necessary to see that high efficiency motor layouts (ie. If it's a 2 intake, the Waterway Executive 56-Framework 5HP Double-Speed Hot Tub Pump - 2 Intake - 2 Discharge is the appropriate replacement. If not, in the event that you may please why don't we know if yours is an in-ground or aboveground pool, the capacity (in gallons) of your pool, the pump's voltage, the conduit size of your pipes (1-1/2, 2, etc.) and your budget for this job, we'd be happy to guide you toward the right replacement pool pump.

When replacing the motor you will require the Hayward Super IITune Up Kit - GOKIT2 which contains the pump shaft seal, -rings and gaskets. Referring to Table 1 above we see the Synchronous Speed to get a two pole motor at 60 Hz is 3600 RPM. Motor producers started uprating motors in response to consumer perception that higher hp means greater efficacy. Anyway, the motor fit perfectly and runs quiet, sounds just like the initial motor did when it was new. The ST1202 is a complete rated motor having a complete HP of 2.6 and the UST1202 is an uprated motor with a complete HP of 2.2. The seals and gaskets needs to be replaced when installing a fresh motor on your own pump.

Next Generation Layout AMBZ set is a higher torque AC brake motor (stocked choice) &AMBY string is a top torque DC brake motor (factory order). I've a new 56Y Square flange 2 HP motor on my Challenger pump and I wish to learn the best way to hook up the 230 volts to the motor. Every one of these records will likely be needed when the pump or motor is serviced or Service Factor is a measure of the capacity where a motor can function without overload or damage. Significant Made in USA Origin Disclaimer: For specific things sold by Walmart on , the shown country of origin information might not be precise or consistent with producer info. Our IP67 rated Stainless Steel Motor has one of thehighest levels of protection, which will be complete dust ingress, and protection from submersions between 15 centimetres and 1 meter in depth. In the event you'd like to change from a double rate motor to one rate motor you may use the ST1202 motor. Hello, Our above ground hot tub motor blew out in the seal of the wet end and damaged the motor at the same time. The principal characteristic of the product is the motor is in exactly the same frame size as the comparable HP in three period.

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